Newsroom Faradiddle

Well, I can’t seem to make Blogger upload a photo from another site, so I’m just going to have to make links to the pictures.

It seems that Clay Walker, the country music singer/star, has a house somewhere on the island. And he was at Home Depot the other day, buying bug spray for mosquitos, which have become a sudden problem due to recent rains. And the photographer with the newspaper where I work part time took his picture. And it didn’t make the front page.

This has been a huge topic of conversation in the newsroom this afternoon. Yes, it apparently really is Clay Walker. Although those of us who did not have a clue as to who Clay Walker is (because we don’t listen to country music) had to go look him up online to be sure it was him. There is much discussion, and laughter, and “Really?” and okay, some “Who’s Clay Walker?” Anyway. That’s the cool weird thing going on at the dayjob today.

I wrote almost six pages this a.m. New, fresh-as-a-daisy pages. With ranting. (The characters, not me.) Now, we are about to go into exposition. Over breakfast. The story, she progresses.

We are watching Hurricane Gustav to see whither he goeth.

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