I have finally managed to download the pictures from my camera onto my computer. Yay! So this blog will be pictures of stuff I’ve been promising, and am finally able to share. First, the picture of Dolly in her pink sweater.

We have a few other pictures, but she’s looking the most “pit-bull-ish” in this picture. It’s really hard to take pictures of her, because when you go outside for any reason, she’s all “Play! You want to Play! With MEEEEEEEE! Yes, play! Play! Play!” And it’s really hard to take a picture when she’s jumping all over you wanting to play. I had to recruit some help. You might notice that her collar is sort of vaguely pink also. I washed it after her great adventure, so it’s even more vague now… (yes, her feet are pink too, it’s not just reflection from the sweater. But the sweater does make them look pinker.)

Next, we have the smiley potato. I was peeling potatoes for mashed potatoes one night last fall, and discovered one with a smiley face. We thought it was funny, so we took a picture of it.

No, we do not still have it. We ate it. It tasted very good.

Now I have to think of other things to say to fill up the space next to the smiley potato picture so the pictures won’t overlap each other. Um…

I’m getting closer and closer to the end of Old Spirits. Almost to the final battle scene. The main bad guy ought to show up pretty soon, and once that happens, the battle will start. Once the battle is over, the book ends, so…

Next picture–I took a couple of pictures of my editor, Heather Osborn, in her office in New York City while I was there. (See blog about visit.) I took two so y’all could see her “slush pile” (which actually isn’t nearly as big as some slush piles I’ve seen) and the (tiny) size of her office. This is view #1.

I need more filler, don’t I? So, today, I went walking down to the beach, and wished I’d taken the camera, because I saw bulldozers driving in the surf. They were scooping up seawater in their buckets and driving up to dump it on the sand-ramps they’d built for the dump trucks to drive down to the beach from the Seawall on, to tamp the sand down.

Okay, here’s the other picture. You will notice she’s basically in the same position, leaning her elbow on her desk. That means you can see how close these shelves are behind her. Much of what is on the shelves is not slush. I think those are mostly manuscripts from her authors. But I may have the piles mixed up. One set of stacks is slush, one is contracted work. Heather reads very fast. This is why she’s not backlogged more than this. Oh, and there are a lot of books in those stacks, you will also notice.

More filler? Okay, so because there were bulldozers driving around everywhere, I didn’t get to walk very far on the beach. Dump trucks were driving down the ramp quite frequently too, when the bulldozers weren’t dumping water on it. I walked over toward 45th St., but couldn’t walk too far that way, because of the plazas that push the rocks out toward the waterline. I did see five terns though. And several ringbilled gulls. The laughing gulls are starting to grow their black head-feathers back in. Spring is on its way. Yeah, it arrives pretty early in Galveston.

Two more pictures. I took a picture through the window of Dolly the granddog sunbathing. She knows a thing or two about relaxing and enjoying the sun, doesn’t she. The items of clothing scattered around her are an old pirate costume of her boy’s. She’s been abusing those pirate pants (the red-and-black striped thing) for months, and they just recently got their first holes in them. Small holes. We play tug-o-war regularly with those pants. Still haven’t split a seam. That polyester knit stuff is TOUGH. The shirt (black and white thing) hasn’t held up quite as well. The black stuff doesn’t seem to be pure polyester…

And I shall leave you with the last picture. A sunrise over my neighbor’s house. Only in winter do I get up early enough to catch the sunrise…

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  1. What a funny little dog. :) *hugs*

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