Checking In

Down to 621 pages now!

I’ve got all the way through it, and am putting my changes (and making a few more) into the computer. I have picked out a couple more places that need to be chopped WAY down, but I just printed them out/set them aside and noted what I need to do. After I get all the way through again, I’ll work on these specific places, making sure I get in the necessary information–or figuring out whether the info in them is really necessary.

I looked to see how long New Blood was–and it was 575 pages, so I don’t feel so overwhelmed. I just hope I have enough action in Old Spirits. There’s a LOT of action at the end of the book, but…

Oh well. Have to wait and see what the ed says.

Took today off from the paper to work on it. The fella is going up to the Panhandle (where it was well below freezing this a.m.) to pack the house up this weekend, but I’m staying here. Ordering pizza for supper tonight, and I’m making the boy pick it up. I guess I’ll order it ahead of time so it’s ready when he’s on his way home. Except I didn’t give him any money… Hmm.

I am going to take a break. I am suffering from severe fanny fatigue at the moment. I got Suzanne Brockmann’s new book. Think I’ll go see if I can get a little farther into it.

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