Monday, Monday

It is very Monday-ish today. The weather is warm, but the sky is overcast and of course, I’m freezing in the newsroom. (Stupid vent that blows down my neck.) I have on my sweater and the “blanket” (which is really more of a shawl or cape, but it’s big and blankety) to keep warm. And I’m in a Bleah mood. Or maybe it’s better defined as a “Don’ Wanna” mood, ’cause I just don’ wanna do much of anything…and I have a LOT of stuff to do.

I did get the parents’ tax stuff mailed off to the accountant today, so that’s one thing ticked off my list. The fella spent yesterday working on Our taxes, which meant I was in my cave (I’m tellin’ ya, that office is Really Dark–all the light is on one side of the room, the hurricane shutters block most of the outside light, and it’s got dark paneling for walls. It’s a cave!) putting in the rest of my expenses and stuff in the bookkeeping program. And printing them out 3 times, because I didn’t do it exactly to suit him…

But, I’m caught up with all my receipts and royalties now, and we got the taxes mailed off. The fella set aside several thousands of $$ to use for paying them, and we did have some to pay–a little over $20. Yep, twenty bucks. We are all relieved.

I worked on cleaning up Harry & Elinor today. Not literally. I had to tweak an early scene so I didn’t entirely eliminate all the conflict, and I had to go ahead and do it now, because if I don’t know they’re conflicted and how they’re conflicted (and I’m going to have to do a major introspection or introspection-and-dialogue scene with Elinor to explain why she’s in conflict), I can’t write them that way. She may have some serious buyer’s remorse in the next little bit.

I really needed to do this, but I NEED to move on too. I’m doing a Book-in-a-Month Writeathon with my friend Anne Marie Novark in April. I am hoping I will get a lot more done.

And maybe I’ll post again sometime later in the week, because this is a very Monday-ish post. Mondays are so bleah… At least this one is.

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  1. Hi Gail,

    I’m sorry to be posting an off-topic comment, but I don’t know how to contact you otherwise. I’m looking to purchase your Compass Rose trilogy books in eformat. Where can I get them?



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