New Space, Nice View

They rearranged desks at the newspaper today. I now have a window view.

There’s spider webs and salt crud all over the window, as well as some unsightly bird-poop splatters, and my view is of a drainage ditch with Hurricane Ike debris still in it, with a billboard and the freeway beyond that (there are some fairly nice trees and palmettos in the ditch…), but hey, it’s a window!

The editor I work with most closely wanted our desks closer together, so we wouldn’t be hollering at each other halfway across the cavern that is the newsroom, and wanted more natural light, so he got us moved near the window. He’s got his back to it, I face it, which is actually rather nice. And I got a new non-sticking keyboard, and a mouse with a wheel, so I’m all to the good now.

I was having a real struggle with the book last week. Didn’t write for three days, even though I knew I needed to. Because I got stuck. I got my characters into something, and had no idea how they were going to get out of it. So finally, I called my friend and CP in Waco and talked through the issue, and got 10 pages written last week, and 6 more so far this week, which isn’t great, but… It’s still chugging along.

There really isn’t much to blog about–I had a lazy weekend. Read a lot of books. I’m really loving my Sony reader, because I can read lots of books and not have them pile up on my floor. It’s great!

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  1. Sorry if this is a duplicate, but my other comment disappeared when trying to save.

    I apologize for just noticing, but got the Tor newsletter and am dying to purchase New Blood. do you have any idea when your books will be available in Kindle or ebook format? Even though I have your One Rose books in physical format, I’d also love to have them in ebook as well.


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