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A number of you have asked about e-book availability for the Rose books and for (I hope) the new one. However, from everything I have been able to find, only THE ETERNAL ROSE is available in an e-book format. It is at Fictionwise, and at the Sony Book store, and at Amazon for the Kindle.

None of the other books seem to be offered as e-books. I’ve wandered around at the e-Harlequin website–no Rose books there at all. I checked at Tor, and it doesn’t look like they do any e-books. I’ll ask my editor, but apparently, MacMillan is caught in the stone age. They’ve bought all their editors Sony readers. They ought to consider that they need to put their books into an electronic format. If y’all send them e-mails asking for them, they might. Us lowly authors don’t have as much clout as you powerful readers, aka customers. 😉

Okay, that’s all I know to say about e-books.

I don’t have much else to say at all. I spent a very lazy weekend, because it was POURING rain Saturday, and I didn’t want to get out in it. The boy and his friends, Walter and Lamar (and if those aren’t Texas country-boy names, I don’t know what are), were in the garage building a miniature catapult for an engineering project. It was very convenient that the daughter gave her brother a book on how to built catapults for Christmas a couple of years ago… So they had plans.

We had to take all the bicycles out and put them under the covered porch portion of the patio so they’d have room to build. They got the ping-pong ball to fly about 15 feet (as required) once they replaced their wooden twister-things with metal ones, so they could tighten the tension enough to get some oomph behind it. Now they have to work on accuracy, because they have to sink their ping-pong ball in a bucket. They were industrious. I was not. I read books.

I have a number of things I need to do, not least, the writing of this silly book. I think I am going to have to try the “Puzzler” method of writing this book, this time. There are scenes I know I need. I think I will just write those scenes and work out the transitions between them later, because it seems to be the transition bits where I get stuck the worst. I have started this particular transition over three cotton-picking times, and am about ready to scream. And I’m not even sure I need it. So, I’m just going to ignore it, and go write the next scene I know about. So there.

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  1. They really should catch up. I love my Sony Reader, and would buy more books for it if they were available.

    However, I don’t necessarily want the proprietary format. Give me a well-formatted PDF, or something more open source like epub so that if my next ereader isn’t a Sony, I can still read those books.

    I think that a standard format would lead to even more acceptance of the ebooks, the way MP3s did for music. There are other formats (WAV, AAC, etc), but MP3 is accepted by every device out there.

  2. Oh, absolutely. However, I don’t know that they’ll listen to me. Readers. YOU folks, the ones who are customers and purchasers of their product–those are the folks they listen to. :)

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