The clumsy gene strikes again

I’m going to have to stop doing this. Yep, fell down again. Tripped over an uneven gravel-concrete sidewalk and hit the ground, face down, stretched full-out. Cut my hand on the exposed rocks. Skinned the knees (again). Aches and pains, scrapes and bruises. Not much more than that, but boy am I moving slow.

I was on my way home after another walk with the dog. She’d worn herself out chasing birds through the surf–probably 17 times back and forth at full speed between the jetties, so she wasn’t pulling at the leash at all when I fell. I’ll probably have to give her an aspirin later on, for her bad knee. She was limping on it there at the end, but she was running as fast as the birds were flying, most of the time. I’ve always thought she looks to be part bird dog, except bird dogs don’t actually chase birds…

When I crashed to the earth (and it’s a wonder it didn’t measure on the Richter scale), she came back to check on me, make sure I was okay. Luckily, I didn’t fall on her–entirely due to her fancy footwork, I’m sure. I crawled up onto the grass, because I wasn’t about to push off those rocks, and sat there a while. Dolly sat there with me. I think she figured if I was going to rest, she might as well rest up too. Thing is–she was still all salty and sandy and kind of icky, hovering by me like that. Oh well. She was looking after me. Or something.

So–no more falling down. Not sure how I’m going to make sure I don’t–didn’t mean to fall down these last two times either–but that’s my intent.

I didn’t think I’d be able to concentrate on the new book–but since I just got copyedits for Heart’s Blood, that’s what I worked on instead. It’s pretty clean, which makes me happy. Got to check one thing with the Brit Across The Desk. Of course, I’m only through page 125 or so…

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  1. Oh, poor Gail! I hope you’re feeling better! *hugs a lot*

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