Party in Pittsburgh

I’ve been back a few days, but it’s hard work, sitting through 5 hours of graduation ceremonies. (Yeah. 5 hours. Plus some.) The son-in-law walked across the stage in anticipation of completing his PhD in another couple of months, so we went to Pittsburgh to see it. Saturday, when we arrived, was chilly and rainy, but the Saturday night Hooding (when doctoral grads get their fancy hoods) was indoors. The middle grandson got fidgety and was sent outside to the playground with Uncle Bob to play…and when it started raining, he decided the tarp over the sandbox made a good slide and did a Superman leap onto it. He got Really wet and cold, but made it back inside with UB and Granddaddy to see Daddy get his fancy hood. After, we took him home to dry off and have cake. Doodlebug and Granddaddy are both allergic to wheat and milk, though Doodle is more allergic to milk. But there is a gluten-free bakery that makes really good cakes–so Everybody got cake, with really thick fluffy icing.

Sunday morning, all the graduates–from bachelor’s degrees through the doctorates–marched into the stadium and got their degrees officially conferred, and had all the speeches. It was COLD! I think the high that day was barely 60 F, (15.5 C)–which is winter weather here in Galveston! I did take a velveteen jacket to wear, so I didn’t get too cold. It started off cloudy and threatening, but cleared off by noon and warmed up nicely. Doodlebug went crawling around our feet, but he was really quite good. And afterward, we went to the physics department where they handed out the actual diplomas, or diploma holders for those who hadn’t quite finished all the paperwork yet. And all the graduating was done! We went back to the hotel/home, changed clothes, took little naps, and gathered back at the house to be lazy. We spent the evening watching Kung Fu Panda with the grandboy. And eating sandwiches and more cake. (This was a BIG cake…)

Monday, we slept in, then went to join the others. Doodle still is in school, so we went to see the “scary movie.” Star Trek. (He probably would have liked all the stuff blowing up, but not the talky parts.) Totally enjoyed it. My favorite characters are still McCoy and Scott, even with the new actors. (Who can’t love Simon Pegg as Scotty?!?!! And Karl Urban has all the McCoy mannerisms down, with extra hotness. Sigh.) Then we took the boy to see the Science museum, one of his favorite spots, and went out to dinner by the airport, because his other grandparents needed to go to their hotel to fly out early in the morning.

We still had most of Tuesday to visit. We went to see the dinosaurs, and since Doodlebug (as his mom calls him), was in school, we got to see the mineral exhibits, and the horse exhibit, and even went over to the art museum to look at the art. Had some really cool stuff. Had an Ethiopian lunch. Apparently in Pittsburgh, you either get burger places (with Really Good burgers) or foreign food… Anyway, Ethiopian was interesting, and good, and no, it was not “Eat your twigs and bugs and go run 6 miles.” It was good. Spicy. Then, as the daughter was driving us to the airport for our 5 p.m. flight, we had a wreck. It was relatively minor, nobody hurt, but left both cars undriveable. We wound up calling a cab, once the tow truck got there, and the fire truck got there. The police took another half hour to make it, but we had to go to make our flight. Which we did, with plenty of time. And we were home by 11 p.m.–Texas time, which meant midnight, Pittsburgh time. You know, it was odd that they didn’t have a lot of steak places in Pittsburgh… Anyway. The weather stayed sunshiny, which is apparently peculiar for Pittsburgh. It’s the 3rd rainiest city in the U.S., right up there with Seattle and Portland. Nice that it was gorgeous for us. :)

So, I’ve been home. Got my copy edits sent off before I left town, so I’m good there. Haven’t got back into the writing of the book, much. Sigh. But I did type some in today. Less to have to do later. NEED to write. I’ll try to do some tomorrow. So, that’s what’s doing here. I hope to go to the Coastal Living idea house this weekend. I bought tickets… Need to check how long they’ll be open, in case I don’t make it this weekend.

And there you have my life.

3 Responses to Party in Pittsburgh

  1. just for the record, the police took a full hour, not a half hour. :p

  2. I love Ethiopian food. Mmm. Hongry!

    And yes, you nailed it with Karl Urban. All the mannerisms with extra hotness. :) He was *wonderful*. And I was surprised to realize how *much* Simon Pegg *looks* like James Doohan. Wow! They done good. :)

    (“I like this ship! It’s exciting!”)

  3. Um–I meant to indicate that we hung around for half an hour, then the police took another half hour. Or did they take a whole hour after we left?

    And Catie–EXACTLY! I think I need to go see Star Trek again. If I can just figure out when…

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