Lazy Summer Days

Yes, some of you will doubtless be telling me that it has been summer on my island since–oh, March or so. And given what your summers are like, I will be agreeing with you. However, now summer has REALLY arrived. With a vengeance.

First of all, the tourists are here.

On weekdays, even in summer, the tourists aren’t too bad. You can still get into a restaurant without an hour or more to wait, and drive down Seawall without wanting to honk at the sightseers. But weekends? Fuggeddaboutit! (and yeah, I know, we don’t sound like that in Texas, but we do definitely know the sentiment.)

The tourists hit Memorial Day weekend. The beaches were pretty much wall-to-wall people, and Seawall Boulevard was wall-to-wall cars. We spent a very lazy few days. We went to see a movie Saturday afternoon (Angels & Demons), went out to the Coastal Living magazine idea house on Sunday and then the fella had to go to Austin (he had a presentation I “got” to proof before he left) Monday, so I made the boy and his girlfriend go see Monsters vs. Aliens with me. On the way back, the traffic was so heavy, we had to sit through one stoplight–on the street most people use to leave the island–about 5 times just to get up to it and go through. Fortunately, we weren’t trying to turn left, just go straight through to go home. The boy kept growling “Get off my island.” And it hasn’t even been his very long…

Actually, we didn’t go home, but to one of our favorite, hidden, mostly-locals places to eat. Having lived most of our lives in small-town Texas, we know that the hole-in-the-wall non-chain/local chain places often have the best food. And no, I’m not going to tell you where we ate, because we don’t want all you tourists crowding up our favorite place. If you know me, call me when you get to town, and I’ll take you there. :) We figured we could get in easily, because everybody was heading home at the end of the holiday. And we did.

Still trying to get some writing done. Yesterday, I was going to go to Starbucks to try to write, but there wasn’t a place to sit. And since I don’t drink coffee anyway, I went across the street to the Taco Cabana and wrote there for a couple of hours. Today, I had both a dentist’s appointment and a doctor’s appointment (regular checkups) and that took up all my time–so much that I was very late getting to the paper for the dayjob. But I am getting a little bit done. I need to get a LOT done.

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