Other people’s vacations

Summer is vacation season. I like my vacations. Other people’s, not so much. This week, the other person at the dayjob who handles the same things I do is out. So I’m having to do her every-day things as well as my own. I have been coming in to the newspaper office in the mornings, doing the “first thing” stuff, and then writing for an hour or two before digging into the regular stuff. And I’m tired. (whine, moan, complain)

The worst part is that my sprained elbow is still very sore. My arm hurts–it has turned spectacular colors all down the underside, and my whole elbow area is green–and it never touched the ground when I fell. I caught myself on my hand, but it’s the elbow that’s sore. As someone put it–the bruise is “where the pain went.” So, since it’s sore, I’m holding myself funny, which makes my back hurt too, and my shoulder–I’m just in sorry shape all over. (whine, moan, complain)

I would just like to lie down and do nothing for about 3 days. I might get tired of it after one, but I’d like the opportunity. No laundry. No cooking. No writing. Just vegetating. Maybe a little reading. By the end of it, I might be ready to jump back into the swing of things. Poor, poor, pitiful me.

I’m cranking out one, maybe two pages a day. It’s not getting me very far, but it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, as my mama used to say. I think I’m going to see about going down to the rec center and getting my exercise in there, instead of trying to walk outside. I keep tripping over stuff, and that’s NO fun.

It’s still hot. No rain. I wish we could figure out how to do this swap thing…

I’m going to stop now before I depress myself any worse. No more whining! (Today, anyway)

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  1. Since you dislike other people’s vacations so much. I’ll just tell you what a rockin time I’m having in Dublin. 😉

  2. Awesome post, I really enjoyed reading this article…

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