Blogging Here, Blogging There, Gail is Blogging…elsewhere

I am definitely not blogging everywhere, but I did blog in two different places this week. Which has sort of left me all blogged out. However, you can Read my blogs from those other places and know what I’m doing.

On Tuesday, I blogged at the To Be Read blog of the published authors chapter of RWA, all about my weekend spent at ApolloCon. So if you’re more interested in my day-to-day life (which admittedly is not that interesting), go read that one.

Today, Wednesday, I have a blog up at the Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal chapter’s blog, all about steampunk and what it is. And of course, a blatant promo job of the NEW BLOOD book…

More blogging? Here? Let me catch my breath, ‘kay? I’m going to be busy the next couple of weeks. I need to catch up and try to get ahead… Oh, and I have my page proofs to go over, as well. I have plenty of time, but there’s so much ELSE to be done! Ack!!

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