My Heart Isn’t the Only Thing in San Francisco

All of me is here. I am currently sitting on the 18th floor of a hotel near Union Square, piddling around on the fella’s laptop. I was thinking I would have a really long blog post to write when I get home…and realized (duh!) that I had a computer. With Internet access. I can write a not-so-long blog post Now. So I am.

I was going to work on my science fiction romance synopsis, and when I got the folder out of my red bag, I realized that I did not manage to stick in the page where I’d worked out the plot. I put in the form I made for the Hero’s Journey plotting–but I hadn’t filled in any of the blanks on that one. I sort of remembered what I had in mind, so I got about 3 sentences written. But I wanted a bigger finale than what I could recall of my plot ideas. And I kind of decided my main idea really wouldn’t work. So I got out the Tarot cards and did a GMC spread and that gave me an idea or two. I think I sort of know how I can spice things up some.

So that was yesterday morning. I went out for lunch, then walked down to the Museum of Modern Art, since that was one of my “goals” for the trip–to visit an art museum. I got there just in time to join the lecture on the special exhibit of Richard Avedon photography, so that was all good. It was very interesting. And I got to see the other exhibits–some Matisse and other paintings & sculptures. There was a very interesting one titled “Bridge” that was done as part of the WPA in the Depression, and now I can’t remember who did it. But it got “assigned” to the MOMA as part of the project. I liked that one a lot. Liked a lot of the art, actually, but that one made a big impression.

I often set goals for my trips. Things I want to see in a place. The last time I was in San Francisco, last summer, I had one afternoon to do sightseeing, so my goal was just to see Something. I walked to Chinatown. (Nearly killed me, climbing those hills.) This time, I wanted to go down to Fisherman’s Wharf (twice so far), ride the cable cars, actually see the bridge, and maybe get out of the city a little bit.

When we went to Europe–Many years ago–I wanted to: 1. See a WWII resistance museum; 2. See some crown jewels. 3. See a Medieval castle. We saw a whole lot more stuff than that, but I did get to see those three things. We saw the Danish crown jewels in Rosenborg palace in Copenhagen. And the WWII rsistance museum in Oslo is in a 13th century castle, Akershus, whch was used as Gestapo headquarters during the occupation of Norway. It helps to have goals, I think. :) (Yes, I am a Virgo. So is the fella.)

And then I walked back from MoMA and succumbed to the temptation of going into the Britex Fabrics store. I haven’t done any sewing since we moved to Galveston, but I am still a sucker for beautiful fabrics, and of course, they had their most beautiful there on the first floor. I wouldn’t let myself go to any of the other 3 floors–I probably would have gone into a coma. And I managed to limit myself to buying only One Yard of a beautiful Chinese green/black/gold brocade. I will make a cushion of it. Or if it doesn’t go in either my bedroom OR my den, I’ll make a vest. Yes, I am a fabric junkie.

Got back to the room, & went with the fella and a bunch of the folks with us to Scoma’s on the waterfront. We rode the cable car over, which was fun, but COLD. I am a wussy Gulf Coast Texan. It was very warm and even more humid when we left town. And it’s in the 60s For The High temp here (I’m not converting to C because I’m on the flla’s computer & he doesn’t have the website bookmarked), which means it’s colder most of the time. I brought jackets and long sleeves, but my ears and hands got cold. Frankly, I’m spending a fair bit of the time Freezing.
(Typos are Not my fault. I’m hitting the keys, but this keyboard is apparently finicky. Must not be holding my mouth right, or something.)

Anyway, we went to eat at this wonderful seafood restaurant which everyone told us was wonderful–and it was. Absolutely Delicious. I had swordfish–which I had never had before, but there is no seafood I do not like–except for oysters, and yes, I have tried them. I keep trying periodically, but still me and oysters do not mix. I knew I would like the swordfish–and it was indeed wonderful. We have eaten at many wonderful places. Had Italian food (veal scallopini in sambucco-cream sauce) at Venticello last night. Excellent. Fella had shrimp/scallop risotto. He had shellfish saute last night. We get excellent seafood at home. Really. It’s not like we don’t get a chance to eat it normally. We just like seafood. Going for more tonight. I’m not really a “foodie,” but I do appreciate the chance to eat yummy food. (Which is undoubtedly why I look the way I do. Sigh.)

One of the ladies in the group had spent yesterday shopping. I have only been to the one fabric store, and to the store at the MOMA. (Bought a very cool trinket box. Not sure how I will get it home tho…) Since the fella is skipping out on his conference this afternoon, maybe we’ll do a little shopping then. My thing it–I don’t see any reason to shop in stores I can shop in at home… We have a Macy’s. We do not have an Asian Arts Center. So–

I brought my watercolors to try and paint a little, but with my afternoon being preempted, I suppose I won’t get the chance. Oh well. I tried.

I do not have a camera on my cell phone. It’s VERY basic, and really stupid, and definitely not a 3G phone. More like .5G. Anyway, when we get home, and I can download the pictures we’ve taken onto my own computer, I will post some. It’s time to go hunt for a hamburger…

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