It’s not that I haven’t been blogging…

I just haven’t necessarily been blogging Here…

Yesterday, I had a blogpost at Borders’ True Romance blog, and at the To Be Read blog, and I’m pretty sure I had one at My Book, The Movie— Yep, there it is.

You can still comment at the To Be Read website during the rest of the week, for a chance to win a copy of New Blood–those few of you who don’t have one. 😉

In other news–we had a great Christmas, even though the fella gave me his cold for the holiday. I slept a lot. I cooked, then went to take a nap and the fella cleaned up.

The Dallas grandboys arrived on Tuesday afternoon–they’d come to Galveston with their mom to stay in a hotel overnight–the little one wanted to stay in a hotel for a Christmas present. Then, as they were driving downtown the next day, they recognized the turns to come to our house, and directed their mom straight to our front door, ready for their stay at Gigi & Grandaddy’s house. They were out the car with a “bye, Mom” and nary a look back. I did have to tell Mom how to find downtown so she could do some shopping in the historic, boutiquey downtown area. There’s a lot of neat stuff to do in downtown Galveston, and it’s not hard to find, you just have to go all the way to 25th Street or lower to get there.

I baked chocolate chip cookies, I made cheesecake, I made snickerdoodles (after the chocolate chippies were almost all eaten up), I made buttermilk pie… We had a Lot of food at Christmas. We got our tamales at The Taco House up on Broadway and 50th. I went in to see about ordering them, and the owner brought one out for me to sample. Now, a lot of tamales–you get thick dough and not much meat. These babies had maybe a quarter-inch of dough around a inch-thick core of perfectly seasoned beef, and they were about 6-8 inches long. Most packaged tamales are only about 4 inches long. These cost a little more than a package of Pedro’s Tamales (made in Lubbock by a family whose son was at North Texas State U with our daughter–and they’re good for “every day” if you can find them), but oh my, were they worth it! Yum!!

I had already made the salsa, and I cooked a nice carne guisada to go with the tamales. (The guisada served by the local LULAC group tastes just like mine, so I figure I’m authentic, even if I’m so white I practically glow in the dark. I’m a Texan.) And I made guacamole. We ate Really Good on Christmas Eve.

Oh, I am a bibliophibian. I got a T-shirt that says so from the daughter. It goes with this comic. Are you a bibliophibian too?

Now, it’s almost New Year’s Day. The fella and I are going out to a party at one of the local hotels– It’s a private party thrown by the foundation that runs the place, and is always fun. We also went to the local liquor store and bought some of almost every liquor there is: gin, vodka, rum, tequila, schnapps– The boy brought Scotch whiskey back from his trip to England–we picked them up last night. I don’t know when we’re going to drink this stuff, since we’re going out tonight… I’m really more of a stay-at-home-to-celebrate girl, but we’ve been invited, and they do have some really great food at this party.

It’s lunch time. Better go eat.

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