Life in the Newsroom

I have a college degree in journalism. I like working at newspapers. I’ve worked for several–some weeklies, and the small daily where I now have a very part time job. It’s interesting. I’ve learned a lot about tight writing, and straightforward writing, and grammar.

I had to take a leave-of-absence from the paper to finish my latest book, because it simply would not come together before I got to the ending, and I’ve come back to work far less time than I did before– Honestly, I probably would not have come back at all, except that they said they really needed me. (Basically, the Brit begged.)

I like working less. It’s not so much that I am writing during the time I’m no longer at the paper. It’s that I can do the other, non-writing stuff during that time, and I don’t have to do that stuff during my usual writing time. I am also having to spend more time at my parents’ as they struggle more to do their everyday chores, and so now I have days I can use to do that.

This week, I’ve been asked to come in more, because the regular person is taking a few days off. I am also having to juggle a surprise doctor visit, a friend coming into town, and getting ready for a writer’s retreat. (The doctor’s appointment is a surprise because it was a referral by my primary care person to a specialist, and the letter informing me about the appointment got mislaid somewhere during the holidays. They called me about it–two days early, instead of the day before, and–well, I thought one thing, they said another–anyway–it’s been a mess.)

So, here I sit, correcting the grammar in Letters to the Editor. I’d rather be writing–except that the writing I have to do is a synopsis, and I’d rather do almost anything but write synopses. I know it must be done, but… Next week. I’ll do it next week. Because, you know, I’m at the paper this week.

I am going to that writer’s retreat this weekend. Maybe I’ll write my synopsis there, since they’re going to have “writing time” as part of it. And then I can brainstorm, or do whatever. Which reminds me. I need to warn them what time we’ll be coming in… And stuff.

Off to put pictures into the system. :)

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