I got the Fever

In our family, we often talk about how various family members get “new car fever.” You know what that is. The urge, that grows to a need for a new car. Symptoms include driving by car lots, looking at car sites online, and eventually grow to stopping at the dealers and test driving cars. Severe cases result in, well–a new car. Whether you need one or not.

I don’t have new car fever. I’m perfectly happy driving my silver beast. But I got the fever. For a number of things. Right now, I’m wallowing in “new dog fever.” Yes, there is a sweet doggie living at our house. But she is the grand-dog, and she will be moving out when her boy graduates, gets a job and a new place to live. She’s not MY dog. I was perfectly happy getting my dog fix from the grand-dog, until my daughter got a dog.

She called to tell me about picking her new doggie up. Her name is Pretty, and she’s a pit bull/German shepherd mix. I’ve heard all about how the grandboy wanted to climb in the back of their mini-SUV to ride with her, and how 10 minutes after they got home, he got down in her face and asked “You want to chase me?” I have heard how Pretty met Orm the guinea pig and just sniffed him.

I even got a phone call this a.m. to hear how the doggie and the piggy wanted to play with each other. Fer realz. Guinea pig jumped out of his cage while Momma was getting hay. Doggie sniffed piggy. Doggie went down in a “play bow”–the dog’s invitation to play. Momma wasn’t sure whether Pretty wanted to play with Orm like he was another dog, or like he was a toy, so she put the piggy back in his cage. Still, when Pretty comes to sniff him, he comes to the door like he expects her to give him a treat…

Anyway, all this talk of dogs had me going through Internet sites looking at the doggies available at local shelters and rescue groups for adoption. They are so CUTE. I want one so BAD. But I want a dog I can let in the house, and as long as we’re renting… Sigh.

So, yeah. I got new house fever too. And spring fever–it’s time for it to be warm again. Okay, it’s still January, but flowers start blooming in February in Texas. The neighbor’s jonquils have been blooming since Christmas.

About the only fever I don’t have is the fever to write. I am procrastinating SO bad. I spent yesterday unpacking my new printer and getting it installed. I spent this morning re-reading the last 3 chapters I wrote so I’d be in the story. Tomorrow, I HAVE to start writing. The desk is (mostly) clear. The printer’s installed. The blog is written (this one and the one at the To Be Read blog for Friday). I have no more excuses. Need to get started.

Yeah, I know all the tricks of the trade. I just have to do them.

3 Responses to I got the Fever

  1. OOOh! I thought I was the only one with I want a dog fever! We’ve been talking about it for about a year…this makes 4 out of our 22 years of marriage w/o a pooch. We miss the sweetness of a canine companion. Keep us *posted* on your dog thoughts. And I too, have a grown child with a pet, a grandkitty I spoil rotten :>

  2. New dog fever is very contagious! I seem to have to fight it off evey spring. I already have 2 greyhounds, but they’re like potato chips, you always want more. Let us know if you succumb. Good luck!

  3. I’ve succumbed. It’s the spouse I need to wrangle… In some ways, it helps to talk dogs. In other ways…

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