Retreating to write

I was waiting to write/post this blog until I got my wildflower pictures downloaded from my camera. But my computer is still in the shop, and while I could climb over the boy and use the back-up in his room, it’s a real pain. So I haven’t downloaded my pictures. I’ll borrow one from the dayjob photographer. Jennifer Reynolds is much better than I am. And yes, bluebonnets do come in pink.

Anyway, I went up to Valley Mills, TX to “camp out” and write. I actually went up to do a workshop on using Tarot to spark your writing, but that was just for several hours on Saturday. I drove up on Thursday and stayed till Sunday. We wrote, hashed out plot issues, talked, ate salads and chocolate cookies, took a walk to look for wildflowers–didn’t find the big field out where we stayed, but we found some others–and wrote some more. It was wonderful.

I got a sticky point figured out. I knew, sorta, what I wanted to have happen at the end of the story. Problem was, given the date where I started the story, the actual historical events didn’t cooperate to create one of the endings I wanted to write. I just couldn’t drag out my hero’s assignment three weeks longer than it ought to be, to make them do what I wanted. So, I had to re-read my research book and see what my timeframe was and what I could to do wrap things up. And I did. I’ve got a handle on things now. And I’m closer to the end than I thought I was. All through the benefits of talking things through with critique/plotting partners.

Oh, and I wrote about 12 pages while I was there. So I’m very happy. :) I haven’t written so many pages since I’ve been back. I’ve been Really Tired.

I’m doing some re-reads of historical novels I liked a lot, and reading some new ones. Trying to read the Rita finalists. Need to pick up more of them. And we’re out of breakfast food. Since I’m the only one in the house who eats breakfast, this means I need to go buy myself food.

Wish my computer well, if you would. I really would like to have it back again. Thanks.

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