Tickled funny bone

It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed as hard as I laughed this afternoon.

At the dayjob, I work in a large open room that is fairly empty. The regular denizens are three reporters who are in and out, an editor/reporter, and me, the lowly peon. I sit across the desk from the editor, who only recently was promoted from the copy desk to doing his reporting/editing thing. Previously, he was in charge of the section I do, and we worked very closely together. He’s still my “go-to guy” if I have a question about whether something belongs in my section.

He’s English, about 5 years older than I am, and wears a coat and tie to work every day, whereas most days I dress pretty much like I am now–a nice T-shirt, good jeans, and a jacket (because it’s freakin’ cold in here with the a/c cranked up way too high). He also has a Wicked sense of humor and is a lot of fun. But he’s English and wears a coat and tie every freakin’ day.

So, today–the Brit-across-the-desk spotted one of the “back room guys” (I’m not real sure what he does, but maybe something to do with the computers) wandering across the newsroom in his direction. He said “Oh no, B–‘s looking for me.” And vanished.

I’m thinking “Oh no, he did not just duck down to hide underneath his desk.” But obviously he did. He had to have. There’s no place else in this big open room for him to have gone. And I started laughing. Meanwhile, B stopped to talk to one of the reporters.

Next thing I know, he’s come around the end of the desk nearest me, and I see him crawling on his hands and knees–this fancy-talking English guy in his tie–past my trash can. And I’m laughing even harder.

The guy who’d come in to talk to him finally looked around as he walked closer to our corner of the room and decided–hmm, the Brit’s not here, might as well leave. But about this time, our Brit decided he couldn’t escape, so he popped up, like he hadn’t just been crawling back around to his side of the desk.

He said later, when I’d recovered from my laughing fit and we were talking about it, that he probably could have said he’d always been there, B just couldn’t see him. If he’d done that, though, I really would have fallen off my chair and been rolling on the floor, laughing. And then I’d have had to get up again, off the floor.

So that was the day’s excitement.

That, and –I have my computer back! And I finally managed to get my e-mail set up so I don’t have to go out and look at the webmail, which is nice to have, but hard to work from. I’m happy. I still have to find one of my programs–which I could swear was on top of one of my desk boxes, but I can’t find it now–to reload. But I have Office, Quickbooks, the print thing and my Sony Reader Library loaded. I need to reload Calibre too.

There was something else I was going to say, but I can’t remember what it was, so I’ll just stop there.

What’s tickled your funny bone lately??

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