Storage buildings

We don’t have a storage building, unless you want to count our garage. It’s big enough for 3 cars, but we can’t get a car in it. It’s too full of bicycles, furniture, boxes (mostly of books) and other… stuff.

We also have a storage unit in the little town where my parents live, about 174 miles inland from our sand bar of an island. It’s drier there. None of my books have become moldy yet, but the furniture is, and some of the plastic binders the fella had in boxes.

So, when I drove up to check on the parental units and go to the doctor with Daddy, I took ten boxes to put in the storage unit.

Both the fella and the son told me, “Some of them don’t weigh anything at all, and the rest are only sort of heavy.”

They lied.

NONE of the boxes weighed nothing. One was fairly light, but the rest were all at least “sort of heavy.” And a couple were so heavy, I staggered the few paces from the back end of my Ginormous SUV to the opening of the storage space, dropped the box on the concrete, and kicked it into place. Sort of.

Two of the boxes were of my books. One was a box full of the books I’ve written–mostly the Rose books, I think. But I didn’t open it to look inside. The other box, I made up from two boxes of books. I opened them up and merged them, taking out books I thought the boy would like to read (Linnea Sinclair books from before 2007, Patricia Briggs, etc.), and writing books and some books I couldn’t remember why I kept them. Those, I’ve been re-reading and enjoying.

The parental visit was rather climactic. The doctor decided it was time Daddy needed to stop driving, and did us the favor of telling him so. He seemed disappointed but accepting in the doctor’s office. Sort of “Hmm. Well, I’ve quit driving on the long trips.”

“Yes, but you need to stop driving altogether. Your reaction time just isn’t good any more.”

“Hmm, well, all driving? Hmm. I guess.”

But he got cranky about it later. Sigh. So, that step has been taken. He’s gone off his patch medicine, because of side effects–he’s lost 10 pounds since he’s been on it, and 138 lbs for a man 6 feet tall is just too skinny. I’m really hoping we can keep them at home for the rest of the year… Oh well.

I’ll try to post something writing related later this week. It’s been really busy since I got home. And we’re going to visit the fella’s parental units this weekend.

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