TBR Challenge: Cowboy Boss

I am once again attempting to take part in the TBR Challenge, this year MCed by Wendy the SuperLibrarian.

This year, I am not going to choose my books ahead of time. Who knows from January what books they’re going to be in the mood to read come June? I am just going to go to my massive TBR pile, which now includes books 2 years old on my Reader, and see what I feel like reading. Therefore, so as to not fail this challenge in the first month, I have pulled the underbed storage box out from under the bed (the one that doesn’t hold Christmas wrapping paper), and discovered that there are not as many books in it as I thought there were. But I found one to read. I am going to copy SuperWendy’s format for the actual review–at least partly.

The Book: COWBOY BOSS by Kathy Denosky

The Particulars: Contemporary romance, Silhouette Desire #1457, August 2002, Out of Print, but available in e-book format. :)

Why was it in my TBR?  I know Kathy. She’s a friend of a friend and a nice person. When I see books by people I know, I tend to buy them.

The Review:  Back of the book:

Gentle-hearted Faith Broderick had come to the Triple Bar Ranch to start a new life, not to get involved in a matchmaking scheme intended to get Cooper Adams to cast off his bachelor coat-of-arms. But suddenly stranded with the seductive cowboy, Faith yearned for the domestic dreams she’d put aside. Soon neither could hide the passion that raged between them.

Cooper wasn’t planning on heading to the hitchin’ post. Yet, with her warmth, lovely Faith filled his home and the lonely corners of his heart. Cooper knew he’d better watch his step—because promoting Faith from employee to wife would be far too easy to do….

This is a nice book. Faith is nice, Cooper is nice. Even the stereotypical crusty old ranch hand who sets up the stranding plot is nice, if crusty. The story was a series of romance novel cliches to give the leads a chance to lust after each other–the “catch her naked in the tub” scene, and the “watch him do manly stuff without a shirt on” scene, and even the “falling on top of each other cute and sexy” scene. But that was about it. Everybody was so nice, there wasn’t much conflict, and what angst there was seemed easily brushed over and set aside. I really wanted to like this book more than I did, because I like Kathy. But it was just too…nice.

So. Here is where I depart from SuperWendy. I don’t give grades to books. (Okay, yeah, I do put stars on them over at GoodReads, but my stars are more shiny than most people’s. The like is higher.)

And that’s it. My first TBR Challenge review of 2011. I will try my darnedest to keep it up this year. We will have to see how that works…

In other news, all is quiet on the parental front–though that isn’t necessarily a good thing. It’s just a thing. And as I am going back over the Big Book I finished last year, I am discovering a lot of drivel, and also a fair bit of “Wow, that’s really good. I wrote that?” So now the trick is getting rid of the drivel and making the good stuff still work.

3 Responses to TBR Challenge: Cowboy Boss

  1. Ahhh, those crusty ol’ ranch hands. They’re almost as plentiful as the Greek tycoons :)

  2. And weird as it is, I’ve never met one, living in Texas most of my life. I’ve met a few crusty ranch owners, though…

  3. Ah, drivel. The bane of my existence, it is. Currently distilling it out of a WiP, myself.

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