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I went to Dallas over the weekend to the Dallas Area Romance Authors “Dreamin’ in Dallas” workshop.

I sold several books at the booksigning Friday, and one more on Saturday when I forced myself out of my instinctive introvert shyness-mode and mentioned my books when someone asked what books at the Bookfair I’d read that I really loved. A completely different person perked up and wanted to know which ones, and bought Compass Rose, since she hadn’t read it. I sold to a couple of completely new-to-me readers, which is always a good thing. If they like it enough to come back and get the next book.

And I went to some good workshops and talked writing with a lot of fun people, and I brainstormed two books. I wanted to do three, but my roomies/critique partners started falling asleep. Oh well.

Then I got to see the older son and the grandboys for lunch on Sunday, which is always fun. They’re getting so big! The baby will be TWO this month!!!

I wound up on a friend’s blog–she’s trying to post “second sale” stories, and since it took me two years to make that second sale, I figured I was a cautionary tale. Anyway, if you’re interested, you can read it here, on Lori Devoti’s blog.

Back to the revisions. I’m up to chapter 8, and have cut 4 pages–but I added in a bunch of stuff the editor wanted, so I’ve actually cut More than merely 4 pages. It’s just that I’ve added at least 4… Oh well. Let’s see, that means–um (wait! higher math required here)–let’s see… 96 pages left to cut… Ugh.

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  1. Cool little interview over there. Thanks for linking to it. I’d ping her with a story of my second sale, but, um. I’m wildly abnormal and nothing in my career has gone the way people’s careers tend to, so I don’t think it’d be any help… :)

    You’ll be fine with the revisions. :) *hugs*!

  2. Thanks for the hugs, Catie. I think some of my favorite scenes are going to have to go…but I guess I can do an “extras” section on my website, like they do on DVDs now, and put in all the deleted scenes.

    And you should send your story to Lori. I don’t think any two people have the same career…

  3. I save scenes I have to cut and see if I can use them for later books. I got to do that with a chapter or two I cut from THUNDERBIRD FALLS. Turned out they fit into the storyline in COYOTE DREAMS nicely…and I wrote a bunch of stuff for COYOTE that’ll end up being used in the 4th or 5th Walker Papers. I like doing that. So I don’t post ’em on the website.

    Oh, but ETERNAL is the last of the Rose books, isn’t it? Let’s hear it for website extras, then!

    Well, yeah, but if Lori’s looking for stories which are object lessons in that second sale not being guaranteed, I’m kind of the poster child for the opposite, or something…

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