Life in the Slow Lane Suddenly Got Fast

I think I’ve mentioned a number of times here that I live in a very small town in rural NW Texas. It really is life in the slow lane. If you’re going to have something to do around here, you have to come up with it yourself. There are a lot of ladies’ clubs and town activities. I’m on the Friends of the Library and a member of the Art Club. I take part in the “quilt block of the month” the County extension agent offers. And this weekend, it has all decided to happen at once.

There’s a luncheon for the local “Art” club Friday and it’s my turn to help host–tomato and onion slicing and decorating later this afternoon (the others are cooking the rest of it). Then when that’s over, I get to help decorate for a wedding shower that I’m helping to host for the daughter of a dear friend. Fortunately, I was nominated to pick up the gift, so that’s done. I don’t have to provide any of the food or decor. The shower is Saturday morning, then I have to cook for all the college students we’re having over for Sunday dinner. Oh, and I’d like to squeeze in the quilt class before the shower, but the block has yet to be sewn up. And the lady who cleans my house was sick this week. Am I insane, or what?

So here I sit reading e-mails and blogging. I did get some revisions done this a.m.–but I may have to go back over what I did and slice out some more. (sigh) Outside the window, the wind is blowing dirt down the street and knocking pine cones out of the tree. I walked to the post office earlier and got a nice dermabrasion from the wind, it’s blowing that dirt so hard. My face still stings, and I’m still spitting out dirt. Ugh. This is why we can’t grill our hamburgers outside for the luncheon. Nobody wants a repeat of the fires.

Y’all take care. And wish me luck.

2 Responses to Life in the Slow Lane Suddenly Got Fast

  1. good luck, and i hope you can venture outta that place for a while cause seeing new things is good.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Think I’ll stay in till the wind dies down 😉 but yeah. I love seeing new things.

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