The Writing Progresses–Again

Apparently I’ve used that as a title for my blog before. Sometimes that’s all you can say. That the writing progresses. And it really is a very satisfying feeling, when it does.

I like to make scene lists, just note down the various scenes that need to take place, sometimes through the whole book, sometimes in a locale of the book. Then I get to mark off the scenes as I write them. That’s the best feeling, though sometimes, I think–“Okay, I’ve written that scene. Why am I not to the next scene yet?” We will see if that’s stuff that needs to be cut out later. I’m one of those who would rather overwrite and then cut away than have to add.

Anyway, I have written the love scene. In fact, I think I wrote two of them. (looks) Yep. Two. Okay, it took me a long time to get these people to this point, and I guess we all got a little excited. So that’s all done, and now the bad guys have shown up again, and the heroine is getting arrested. We’re on the fast track to the black moment and the end. Yayyyy!!!

Depending on how long it takes me to write the trial, and the kidnapping and the rescue and the grand denouement, I might be able to finish this by Tax Day!!

2 Responses to The Writing Progresses–Again

  1. and I guess we all got a little excited

    Well, that /is/ what’s supposed to happen in a love scene. :)


  2. Well, yeah. I’m not actually apologizing so much as explaining. 😉

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