Dashing In

I MADE myself stop putting edits into the computer so I could come blog and tell all y’all (however many of you there are) what I was doing.

Actually, I made myself stop earlier so I could get to the bank before it closed and cash my birthday check. Yes, my birthday was way back at the first of the month, but first I lost the card, and when I found it, I couldn’t drag myself out of the house in time to make it by the bank. I had to do the bank and the library today, cause I had some books that needed re-checking. I decided not to get any new ones. I’ve got old ones I still need to read–and there’s that re-checking thing, since I didn’t get some of the old ones read on time. (One research book, and one book(Horse Heaven by Jane Smiley) that I intended to pick up and read a long time ago, but never got around to it. I’m about 7 chapters in and enjoying it so far–and the research book is a really good one. Very atmospheric, very “feel of the situation.” )

So anyway, I spent all of last week revising New Blood and this week, I’m putting the revisions into the computer, and going over it one last time as I do so, looking for more places to tighten or clarify. I do revisions on hard copy, because it’s too easy to miss stuff on the computer. It’s going pretty well. The office looks like a snowstorm hit, because I’m just letting the pages float to the floor, and since the fella’s away for a couple of days, I don’t feel like I have to pick them up.

In fact, since the fella’s away, I had lunch out, between the bank and the library. This was a place on Broadway between the college and downtown that doesn’t have a name that I could see, but has “Donuts, Kolaches, Burritos” painted on the outside. It’s a very Texas place, apparently, since I’m not sure there’s any other state in the nation where that would be a common combination. I was the only customer in there at almost 2 p.m., and had the shrimp poor boy (I’m becoming addicted to those things–I had to pull the shells off the tails on this one) and an apple fritter. Turns out the baker was sitting nearby, and had the counter guy bag me up a couple more fritters to take home, free gratis. How cool is that? I’ll definitely be going back there–just because the food was good, prices were good and the owner/baker was really nice. I had intended to go to this place called The Taco House, but it’s back toward home from the bank, not toward downtown. Oh well.

Oh, and we got to go hear Don McLean (of “American Pie” fame–the original song, not the movie) in a concert on Saturday. We got to sing along if we wanted. :) It was a lot of fun (though I’m not used to wearing shoes with backs on them and got the beginnings of a blister), but dang, the guy got old. So have I…beats the alternative, though.

And when we went to visit a church Sunday morning, a fight broke out in the lobby between two neighborhood guys and a church member, and I got stepped on. Nice church though, but dang, it’s way the heck on the other end of the island.

It hasn’t taken me long to get into the local island mentality. I don’t like to cross the causeway unless I absolutely have to. I’ll just stay on the island, thanks–and what happens on the island stays on the island…

Thanks for all the reports of books arriving. Keep ’em coming. I’m especially wanting to know if anybody sees the book on shelves in a bookstore. I mean, even if you ordered your book off the internet, you might go into a bookstore for some Other reason, and you could just wander by the Charles DeLint shelf (I’m usually not too far in front of his books) and see if there’s a pretty blue book…

My readers are the very bestest. 😀

5 Responses to Dashing In

  1. Gail, I have ordered THE ETERNAL ROSE from Amazon.com — was on the verge of canceling the order when I was notified that my order has finally shipped. One of the reasons I wanted to cancel was because I saw the book in the flesh and held it in my hands at my local Borders — almost used my 25% coupon but decided I’d give Amazon a little while longer. So, anyway, I should have it by next week. I hope.

  2. Hello Aunt Gail!

    Sorry this took so long to get on here–internet on base is crappy at best, and I rarely have time to access it. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you again for a) coming to my graduation (I can’t begin to say how much I loved having you all there!), and b) the shout-out in your book. It caught me by surprise, and all my friends think it’s awesome. /hugs!

    Oh, and I snagged a copy of Eternal Rose from the Borders here. I’m about halfway through it (curse my schedule, or I’d be done!) and it’s awesome! I can’t wait to read your other upcoming books!

    Love, Lindi

  3. Just bought Eternal Rose at my local Barnes and Noble, so they are out on shelves! Can’t wait to start reading it!

  4. It’s here! My copy arrived from Amazon.com. I’m going to put down the book I just started and read THE ETERNAL ROSE instead!

  5. I finally found The Eternal Rose on the shelf at Barnes and Noble in Ft Collins, CO on Saturday 9/29/07 and picked it up.
    Then, on Monday, I got the newsletter from Fictionwise.com saying they had it at $6.99!
    I still can’t decide if I would rather have it to match the other books in the series, or as an e-book.
    (am not reading it yet, had to read Agnes and the Hitman by Crusie/Mayer and get it back to the library in 3 days).

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