New-to-me Bird

Birdwatching stuff–skip this if you’re not interested, but I just saw a pair of birds I’d never seen before.

It was apparent they were dove–dove have a pretty distinctive appearance. They were sitting in my driveway when I got off work today, and fluttered up to the neighbor’s fence as I drove up. They were quite reddish-brown, but even more distinctive–the outer half of their wings were a rusty red. Even redder than their bodies. And they were small. a fair bit smaller than Mourning Dove and a whole LOT smaller than Rock Dove, AKA Pigeons. So I came inside to look them up, and found that they are Common Ground Doves. You can’t see the red wings in this picture, but the color of this guy’s beak–that’s about how red the wings were. Ground dove mostly live in Mexico, but they come this far up into the U.S. and they don’t migrate. Pretty cool, I think.

2 Responses to New-to-me Bird

  1. I totally understand the excitation that you can feel when you see a bird you haven’t seen before, I had the same experience a few weeks ago, whith a bird called “Traquet tarrier”, in french.

    I just finished reading “the eternal rose”, in english, this last evening, and I loved it !
    Congratulations for your new editor.

    And sorry for my very bad english, I promess I understand english better than I write it ! 😀

  2. Your English sounds VERY much better than my French. (Which was the language I studied forever ago in college, because it sounds so wonderful…)

    Thank you for your wonderfully kind words about the book! Je t’adore! (If you don’t mind me being so familiar 😉 )

    Okay, my Word Verification thingie is XOLDUMBR–which reminds me a little of “Dumber and Dumber”, and also has the word Old in it… Is the computer universe trying to tell me something?

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