Experimenting with recipes

I made chicken-spinach enchiladas tonight.

I used a vegetarian recipe and…adapted it.

See, I don’t live with vegetarians. The men in my life are very much carnivores, so I knew they would not eat anything without meat. And I thought I remembered them both ordering chicken-spinach or shrimp spinach enchiladas at one time or another, so I decided to add chicken. Alteration #1.

Change #2: the recipe called for cottage cheese. I do not like cottage cheese. Unlike the guy in opposition to Sam I Am, I HAVE tried cottage cheese, and I do not like it. It’s lumpy. I do not like the lumps. So I bought ricotta, since I’m told it’s similar in taste, but it isn’t lumpy.

Also, the recipe was for spinach-broccoli enchiladas. I figured by adding the chicken, I would already have a whole lot of filling to put in my tortillas, so I left out the broccoli. Change #3. I put in more salsa, because it seemed a little dry to me–I’m not sure that was a big enough change to count. I mean, I had all that chicken, so I had a great big bunch of filling, of course it would need more salsa and the recipe did call for it. I just used twice as much (and poured even more over the top.

Then, since we are a gluten-free household–at least for our main dish–I subbed corn tortillas for the flour tortillas the recipe called for. Change #4. Corn tortillas are better for you anyway. For reals. (I like them better in enchiladas, usually.)

So, instead of vegetarian spinach-broccoli-cottage cheese flour tortilla enchiladas, we had spinach-chicken-ricotta corn tortilla enchiladas. Flavored with salsa and cumin, with grated cheddar to make them even cheesier (all that, plus the sauteed onion, was in the recipe). I wasn’t exactly creating a new recipe, just tweaking it to make something my family could and would eat. They were muy delicioso.

I suppose the daughter could use tofu instead of ricotta for the dairy sensitive grandboy? Make him his own dish of enchiladas?

Oh, and I got THREE pages written today. Go me!

3 Responses to Experimenting with recipes

  1. No! Tofu is fine and dandy where it belongs, in places like miso soup and mapo dofu. But putting food in costumes is just asking for time in purgatory.

    Beans and wheat should not dress up like meat, and tofu should never ever ever dress up like cheese. That’s bad juju man.

    But the spinach-chicken-ricotta enchiladas sound yummy 😉

  2. I admit sounds really yummy. But I need to replace the ricotta with something without dairy. Maybe something soya based? I need to check.

  3. Well, since we have been informed that tofu should not pretend to be something it is not, I wish you well in your search. :)

    And yes. They were yummy. :)

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